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How much Money do you Want????


We offer the Best COMMISSION INCOME Program you can find

We know,  Your Income is very important to YOU.... and we have designed it to really make it the best Income you can find.


Ask yourself, How much money you really want every single month?

$5,000.00 ????... that means with our program, you ONLY need 25 new customers every month..... ONLY 25 customers .... that's it.... You don't need much for a great Income....  You cannot find a better deal.


We offer 2 products:

You Do It: is a computer generated Wizard that allows your clients to create their own website.  Payments for this product can be paid at $25/month with a $100 set-up fee.

We Do It: is a website done by our web designers staff.  Payment for the year shall be done in advance, as the work performed will be done as your client specifications, at $400/year no set-up fee.



Associate Income Calculator
Product Price, $ $
Percentage Commission, % %
Advertising Cost, $ (monthly) $
Other Cost, $ (monthly) $
Predicted Sales, No. (monthly) Sales
Return on Investment, %
Monthly Income, $
Annual Income, $

* No Commission Paid on Web Templates.

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Our commission program is designed for individuals with a strong drive, wishing to excel financially and in business.  The individual must be goal-oriented, motivated, honest, personable, community oriented, friendly, and communicative.  All else will be trained.

Spiderweb-Solutions.com Sales Program enables the right candidate to earn remuneration that exceeds way beyond other business opportunities with great growth potential. 

We provide a turnkey operation that provides the Sales Agent with all of the necessary tools and training required to make the venture a success. 

Our Sales Associate Program is a based business, like no other.  The remuneration is only limited by the effort put forth by the Sales Agent. 

You'll be your own boss but you won't be "on your own."  Spiderweb-Solutions.com has a great network of Sales Rep and Support.

For more detailed information please contact Fadel Chidiac, Licensing Consultant and CEO of Spiderweb-Solutions.com at fadelchidiac@yahoo.com or (514) 217-5126 or by fax: (514) 728-6180